Heavy duty, 100% rubber agricultural matting and flooring system for slats, cubicles, collecting yards, passages, milk parlours. Authorised agents for EASYFIX RUBBER PRODUCTS


Easyfix Slat Rubber


* Made from 100% Natural Rubber. - will not expand warp, tear or lose its shape

* Held in place with our patented wedge system

* 5 Year Warranty

* DLG Approved Slat Rubber Available in Ireland

* Suitable for all types of slats

* Can be used with automatic scrapers

* Increased Live Weight Gain.

* Improves Milk Yield & Fertility (decreases stress)

* Prevents Lameness

* Dramatic increase in animal comfort, welfare, and performance.



Rubber Cow Mats Interlocking or Straight edge


* Made from 100 % Natural Rubber

* Available in 6' x 4' & 6' x 3'9" 25mm thick

* Each mat weighs 50 kg

* Can be sealed together to form a complete joint-less mat

* Easy to install

* Impact Bubbles underneath provide the ultimate comfort

* Will not expand warp or lose its shape like EVA Mats

* 5 Year Warranty

* Will not hold bacteria.




Green Cow Safe Stalls


Consists of flexible plastic tubes compared to traditional fixed metal rigid loops

  • Front and sides remain open providing freedom of movement into and out of the cubicle
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Can be easily adapted to fit existing system infrastructure.
  • Versatile, so the cow will no longer get injured.
  • Fits to the size of the cows, so that the cow lies perfectly in the cubicles.
  • More spacious, gets the cow to lie down quicker and stays there for a longer period.
  • Reduced Healthcare & Veterinary Costs
  • Increased resting time leading to higher milk production.
  • Increased cow welfare, can result in more milk production and more value for money.






* Made from Lightweight Shatterproof Plastic

* Interlocks together to form required length

* Adjustable width to suit feeding needs

* Suitable for use with all diet feeders and mixer wagons

* Reduces Waste & Labour

* Feed always in front of animals

* Reduces contamination from birds

* Lightweight and easy to move to facilitate cleaning




Rubber Silage Pit Mat


* Ideal for Silage & Maize pits

* 6'x 4' Solid Rubber Mat weighing 35kg

* Handle grips at both ends for easy handling

* Improved top surface of Silage Clamp

* Reduced waste

* Environmentally friendly alternative to tyres

* Mats stack neatly on a pallet

* Easy to install & remove for subsequent cuts




Cubicle Mattress. System Interlocking or Straight  Edge or Roll out


* 25mm Latex Memory Foam with 8mm Rubber top cover

* Available in lengths up to 50m (164') long  x 1.8m Wide (6')

* 5 Year Top Cover Warranty

* Easy to install

* Easy to clean

* Improved Milk Yield & Fertility due to increased lying time

* Increased Animal Comfort, Welfare & Performance

* Latex Memory Foam will not deform over time unlike P.U.

* Tried & tested system as used in Denmark , Holland & USA




Roll Out Matting


* 20mm Studded Rubber Roll with nylon insert for added strength

* Available in lengths up to 50m (164') long  x 1.8m (6')Wide

* Suitable for use in cubicles, passageways and walkways

* 5 Year Warranty

* Can be used with Automatic Scrapers

* Easy to  install & clean

* Prevents Lameness

* Increased Animal Comfort, Welfare & Performance

* Enhances grip by up to three times




Milk Parlour Matting


* 1m x 1m x 25mm interlocking EVA Mat

* Available in Green or Blue

* Excellent Grip & Comfort

* Provides the ultimate comfort for operators in parlour pit

* Easy to install & clean

* Resistant to milking machine acids

* Less Stay Voltage 9helps reduce S.C.C.)




Max Grip Rubber Mat


* 1m x 1m x 17mm interlocking rubber mat

* "Penny" grip on both sides

* Can be used in many areas - Walkways, Roadways, Collecting Yards, Wash Areas, Stables etc.

* Non Slip hard wearing surface

* Will not warp, tear, expand, or lose its shape

* Easy to install and maintain



EasyFix Permeable Paving


For the reinforcement of grass parking areas (green field parking). EasyFix Permeable Paving is quickly & easily installed and maintains natural drainage through the soil. Ideal for large and small projects, installations range from parking at major venues to overflow parking at offices and factories.

* Durable all weather surface prevents rutting and poaching
* Can be laid onto prepared or unprepared ground
* Secure interlocking tiles prevent standing edges
* No splintering or risk or injury
* Textured surface for safe grip
* Load bearing up to 40 t/m²
* Tiles allow water to pass through them, drainage maintained
* Surface kind to hooves, tendons and joints
* Easy to clean, resistant to acidic substances and frost
* Planning permission not usually required
* No special skills or tooling required for installation
* Tiles can be removed or relocated later if required
* Successfully tried and tested throughout Europe


Irish Rubber Agricutural Products for Farms in Ireland


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