Low maintenance rubber stables mats and walker/excercise tiles for equine applications including horse boxes/trailers



Max Grip Mat

  • 1m x 1m x 17mm interlocking rubber mat
  • "Penny" grip on both sides
  • Can be used in many areas - Walkways, Roadways, Collecting Yards, Wash Areas, Stables etc.
  • Non Slip hard wearing surface
  • Will not warp, tear, expand, or lose its shape
  • Easy to install and maintain

Crumb Rubber

  • Tiles are 1m x 1m in size
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Colours available are green and terracotta
  • Can be installed on concrete, tarmac, paving, finished gravel & indoors
  • Brick effect so as courtyards or racecourses still maintain paving brick look
  • No maintenance and easy to keep clean
  • Peace of mind, horses walking on a safe surface
  • Rubber will not crumble after years of use
  • Easy installation - no screws or fixings required
  • Rubber also available to cover Horse walker walls

Kentucky Horse Walker Tiles

  • 390mm x 390mm x 25mm interlocking tile
  • Made from 100% natural rubber
  • Interlocking method ensures no glues or fixings are required
  • Matting also available for Horse Walker walls
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Non-slip  surface ensures horses enjoy excellent confidence in their foothold
  • Absorbs shock so reducing pressure & stress on horse's legs joints & tendons

Stable Matting and Anti-cast

  • 6' x 4' x 17mm
  • Made from 100% natural rubber
  • Mats will not warp, expand or tear
  • Mats are Glued & Sealed to the floor to provide a complete hygienic stable flooring solution
  • Reduce your bedding costs by up to 70%
  • Mats do not lift or move from stable floor
  • Anti-Cast bumper prevents horses from casting and leg injury
  • Wall Matting also available for safety & cleanliness


EasyFix Permeable Paving/Grass Protection


For the reinforcement of grass parking areas (green field parking). EasyFix Permeable Paving is quickly & easily installed and maintains natural drainage through the soil. Ideal for large and small projects, installations range from parking at major venues to overflow parking at offices and factories.

* Durable all weather surface prevents rutting and poaching
* Can be laid onto prepared or unprepared ground
* Secure interlocking tiles prevent standing edges
* No splintering or risk or injury
* Textured surface for safe grip
* Load bearing up to 40 t/m²
* Tiles allow water to pass through them, drainage maintained
* Surface kind to hooves, tendons and joints
* Easy to clean, resistant to acidic substances and frost
* Planning permission not usually required
* No special skills or tooling required for installation
* Tiles can be removed or relocated later if required
* Successfully tried and tested throughout Europe


Equine Products


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